Day 1 – Why I’m doing this

Writing is hard. It takes problem-solving and determination to take some words from your brain and place them in a (hopefully) logical manner on a page. It’s even harder if you want those words arranged in that (hopefully) logical manner to have meaning. But I like that challenge, daunting as it can feel, and so I started this blog.

This is A Better Adam, a blog for 2017 (and perhaps beyond) where daily (so, 365 times) I will post about what is going on in my life. The main theme is said above – growing healthier in all phases of life through faith in Christ Jesus. For me, nothing has ever changed me more than belief in Him, and I am more aware of how God can use what He has done in me to help others. Mentors of mine have set the example and I hope I can set one of my own.

I am flawed. I make frustrating mistakes all the time, and I intend to shine a light on some of that on this site. It could get kind of deep. I am willing to share some things, within reason, because in doing so perhaps all can benefit.

But, I mean … this is me we’re talking about, so of course it’s also going to be silly, full of memes and other irreverence. Life isn’t all hard work, after all. We will geek out about trailers – Episode 8 – and freak out over new movies – Guardians Vol. 2, etc – while marveling at what will surely be an awesome NBA Finals – I’ve got the Cavs right now. All of that and more.

It’ll be fun. I can’t be deep and thoughtful even half the time, so this blog won’t either.

I might even write a little about a certain president-elect … 😀

Everyone who comes to this site will be entering the conversation in a different place in life. My prayer is that you benefit from this.

God bless.

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