Day 2 – Early morning disc golf

These are the 1st and 13th teepads at the Englewood MetroPark disc golf course.

I love disc golf. (We never, ever call it ‘frolf’ and neither will you.) It’s uniquely challenging and fun in the way any good sport should be, full of excitement for beginners and loaded with complexities for veterans. I’ve brought several people out to play, and all of them have loved it.

My uncle and I started playing in 2008, and we’ve made time on countless mornings and afternoons since to get out and throw some plastic. We did so this morning. Are we good? Well, no — heh — but that’s a moving target for us. We’re undeniably better than we were a year ago, and that’s the goal.

How did this morning go? Well, I wasn’t bad for not having my own bag with me. We played something like 8 holes and I shot -1 at the Englewood Dam course.

I’ll take it.

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