Day 7 – Look what I got

Lookie here:

Yes, it’s on my bed

This here is a Kramer Focus, not sure how old but without a ton of miles. For a starter guitar, I think I did alright. So far I’m working on developing callouses and dexterity in my hand, in particular my ring and pinky fingers, along with eventually maybe playing a chord correctly. (I’ve got a ways to go.) I’ve had it since Monday, so I can hardly do anything other than make some noise at the moment.

Why buy it? Well, to be honest, I watched a friend strum through “Blackbird” and was pretty blown away by it. It was so cool, seeing someone sit with a guitar and playing something so nice.

I love music, have for years. Why not work at it? Learning an instrument is a great way to pass the time in a productive fashion, and in this case would help me grow in a way beyond faith, work or fitness. So,  here we are.

I promise you, this will come up again. I’m posting about this today in part to keep me accountable. Come summer, I want to be half-decent.

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