Day 18 – Relief and recovery

Image result for foam roller

That is a foam roller, and I spent many, many painful (but amazing) moments with one last spring. The treadmill workouts I was doing (and am doing) wore out my quads, and so more than once a day I’d find myself rolling out the stiffness.

It took me forever to figure out I needed to do it. My quads got to the point that doing my workouts was becoming truly horrible, with pain radiating out of my legs. I tried rest, I tried dialing the pace back … didn’t matter. I needed to roll.

If I could bottle that initial rolling,  as weeks of mounting soreness came to a head and then released, I’d sell it and become the next Elon Musk. It’s effectively intoxicating.

If you’ve never foam rolled, I don’t know how to properly articulate the experience. The initial pain is enough to take your breath away, but the relief (as the tension, soreness and general ache whisks away) is immediate and unbelievable.

Or, as my good buddy Pete Hitzeman (the fella who encouraged me to roll) put it:

Like your muscles are a lumpy bread dough full of pain, and the roller squeezes them out.

Mine cost about $20 and it was more than worth it. Your gym should have one, but if not, make the investment. You’ll be pleased.

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