Day 27 – Better, but not good

I’m still feeling a little off. (Hold the jokes.)

Being sick provides just the kind of motivation I need to do nothing. Rarely do I miss bible study — not being pious when I say that, I really like studying with my friends — but I did so. Rarely do I miss school — okay, that’s a stretch — but I did so.

Rarely do I miss the gym — my issues with weight are always nutritional — but I did so. I felt just bad enough to not want to push it, and so down I stayed for a few days. I also hadn’t missed putting out a post, but I did so the last two days. We’re caught up now, even if Days 25 and 26 are rather … shallow posts.

As I write this, it appears that I’m over the hump, but a few lingering “ugh” moments remain.

It’s been nearly all discomfort and little of anything else. Again — just bad enough to keep me down, always threatening to get worse. Sigh. Such is life.

Now, to take those quizzes I’d avoided …

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