Day 29 – Sundays

I enjoy my Sundays.

I remember, earlier in my Christian life, I thought of church as nice but sort of disposable. I didn’t need to go, if that makes sense. I’m good on my own. I’ve got this figured out. Sure, it’s great to hear a powerful sermon, but church isn’t vital for me.

Well, age and experience are great teachers. I am not okay — I do not have this figured out. As it turns out, I do need my church family and extended Christian friends, and I need them badly. I love all of you quite a bit, and I eagerly look forward to each chance to spend time in God’s house and with God’s people. And not only do I need the message from the pulpit, I need to sing in worship because of what it does for me. Remembering what God has done for us — and praising Him for it — is vital.

it is worth the trip. More than worth it.

I used to find any reason to not go to church. Now I can’t imagine not going. I hope you, dear reader, also find such joy in your congregation, and if not, be in prayer about it. Fellowship is vital to each of us, and I am grateful to be able to fellowship with so many of you.

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