Day 31 – Lunge lunge lunge

Yesterday, I did a bunch of lunges, and it was awesome. (I also did some burpees and squats, but those are for a different day.)

One of my fondest memories on this journey is the first time I could do a lunge without pain — turns out, it’s hard to lunge at 375 pounds. It’s a little easier at 300, and even more so around 260.

I remember visiting my coach/buddy Pete at his work gym way back in Feb. 2014, and I couldn’t move at all. It was awful. He also made me very sore, which was also awful. 🙂

But now I can do them, and I like them. I’m finding I like movements that feel more mobile, if that makes sense. I like exercises that involve a lot of muscles and help me gain flexibility and general mobility.

For example, I can do without bench press (it’s fine) but I really like rows (they work a lot more muscles and certainly apply more to disc golf). Lunges work a variety of muscles and it feels powerful when you push back to a standing position. I like that feeling. Plus, working legs is a great way to burn a bunch of calories.

Now, I should also mention that I hadn’t done a lot of lunges before yesterday, so I woke up to the familiar ache of DOMS. What’s DOMS? Delayed onset muscle soreness. Oh, how pleasant it is! That pain is the sweet, sweet reminder of an awesome yesterday and the hope of a stronger tomorrow. (Just eat your protein, kids. All will be fine.)

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