Day 37 – An honor

I’m almost hesitant to post about this, because I don’t want to toot my own horn. But, this blog is about how God is helping me grow, and so I feel obligated to share.

Today, for the fifth time, I was blessed to fill in for my pastor and preach God’s Word at my church. And, for the fifth time, it was an excellent, encouraging experience.

We are doing a years-long study of Acts, and today the passage was Acts 20:13-38. It’s a powerful, challenging piece of scripture — I strongly recommend you spend time with it.

For me, the best part of these experiences isn’t Sunday morning — it’s the dedicated study that comes before it. I have this annoying tendency to drift in my focused study of the Word, but knowing I have a responsibility to God and His people gives me that direction. I appreciate it. I also get to sit for a few hours and chat about the passage with my pastor, an experience I enjoy.

People ask me if I plan on going to seminary, and the only answer I can give is, I don’t know. The future might hold a lot of things. All I can do is continue to grow, and these opportunities are a big part.

I’m so thankful.

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