Day 40 – More on rest

Have you ever thought about rest as a productive activity?

My mind’s eye goes here:

Image result for snorlax

Slumber on, big buddy

This is Snorlax, a Pokemon character known for sleeping. He’s big, cuddly and loves a nap. Generally, we think of lethargy as a bad thing — and it is. The Bible and secular sources give us plenty of reason to not embrace being lazy, so please don’t think I’m advocating that.

No, what I’m thinking about more would be like tactical rest. Certainly for those trying to lose weight, sleep is vital and often overlooked. The body simply must sleep in order to heal and recharge. Here’s just a few reasons why.

For the Christian, resting with God is of high value to our spiritual health. But resting with God doesn’t necessarily mean inactivity — no, I think simply carving out time for the Word, prayer and fellowship could count, and the value of such activities cannot be overstated.

Consider how often the Book of Acts references prayer and fellowship. (Seemingly every page.)  Clearly, that kind of dedication produces results — namely, the endurance we need to finish the race.

It can often feel a bit macho to not sleep enough. Sometimes, we brag a little about only sleeping 5 hours or so. But physically, mentally, emotionally and perhaps spiritually, that macho feeling comes at a cost.

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