Day 52 – On KD’s interview

So, you listened to the Kevin Durant interview, right? Good.

What I found so interesting about it was Durant discussing his move to Golden State. Take him outside of the sports world, and would anyone even bat an eye? A man near the top of his professional left a pretty successful organization for perhaps the most successful organization (we can quibble about that) going today. He sacrificed money for culture and for having more fun at work.

Why is that so bad? I have a theory why, and perhaps it will annoy some folks. When I was a child, I deeply cared about the successful or failure of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I was hysterical when they lost and overjoyed when they won. It was a thing.

But now? I could care less, and that’s true of me with most sports. I certainly like playing sports, reading up on them and all that, but do my moods swing with the flick of a jumpshot? Not at all. They have an important place in my life, but sports are no longer my life.

Is that healthier? I think so, but that’s also just me. But when I see adults driven to rage or tears over another adult they do not know personally deciding to work in a different city, I am left almost embarrassed.

(Note: LeBron leaving Cleveland was a little different, what with the TV ordeal and all that. Durant handled his situation in a much classier way.)

This isn’t a screed against sports or entertainment, or a total endorsement of Durant. Rather, I see it as an opportunity to take stock of where I invest my time and what the dividend is therein. That is often a challenging endeavor and Lord knows I suck at it, but it has to be done.

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