Day 53 – Unusual soreness

Ah, what a refreshing feeling, like stepping through a cool mist on a hot August evening or cracking open a cold Gatorade after a run under the hot July sun.

Random muscle soreness, oh what a feeling to savor. Hold on, I sense something. You, my dear reader, are asking, “Pray tell, why is that a feeling to savor? IT HURTS.”

Because, in the (sorta) immortal words of my coach/friend Pete, “being sore is a reminder of that badass thing you did yesterday.” Boo. Yah.

oh yeah macho man randy savage macho man

Soreness — provided it’s not a sharp pain, which might mean something worse — is an excellent signpost on the journey to awesomeness. Sure, it sucks, but I have learned to take it as a nice memento of progress being made. So don’t fret — embrace it. If you have been training for months and continue to find soreness, rejoice — you are still pushing the envelope.

Pretty badass, if you ask me.

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