Day 57 – Faith

I won’t lie to you — this isn’t an easy story to read. But you should.


Royce Young covers the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team for ESPN. I found some of his work a little homer-y, but he’s dependable and a good writer and hey, I like him. He’s good. It’s not an easy job and I certainly can’t imagine asking Russell Westbrook questions about a basketball game 82 times a year.

But, none of that matters, because we are more than our jobs. We are more than our hobbies. Royce Young is a writer, sure. Great. Maybe he plays golf. Cool.

But he’s more than that — he’s a husband and he’s a father, and I cannot imagine the responsibilities and joys and terrors of being either. Maybe someday I will experience both — I’ll then begin to grasp all of that.

But for now, I read what Royce and his wife are enduring right now and I’m left without words. I cannot comprehend those feelings. Not just the pain, or the fear that might have come before it — but the strength and love that flow between him and his wife and toward their son, the strength that makes this a moment that binds them together rather than pushes them apart.

I admire you, Royce. I don’t know you at all, and you don’t know me. But I am one of thousands who are reading your story and joining you spiritually in prayer, appealing to the mercies of the Merciful One, where all pain and sadness end. The Young family is not the only one enduring pain and tragedy — remember that.

Grace be with you all.

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