Day 58 – Update

I had what was likely my best overall nutrition and fitness week in months, but that bar was low and the week still wasn’t good enough. Overall it boils back down to discipline and how easily I can be tempted into eating decisions that just aren’t ideal.

As I’ve shared with many folks, I really like to eat, and I can just about guarantee I’ll overeat on a near-constant basis. That’s been true my whole life, including the last three years where I’ve shed weight. I simply have to adjust what I overeat and make sure to be disciplined in the gym to overcome it.

Is that a perfect process? No. But it worked.  However, I do find myself a bit ashamed of it — like, why the heck can’t I just eat a perfectly-designed slate of meals with great macros and only 1850 net calories? Don’t others? SURELY EVERYONE ELSE IS CAPABLE.

Well, no. No one is capable of that, aside from a superhuman near-deity named The Rock. (But he doesn’t count.) For us normal folk, how do we battle the temptations that can rock  (lol) our neatly-designed meal plans or even shatter more important things? Well, there’s only one way, and it’s through our Deliverer.

One tricky part of this journey has been trying to not be prideful. I look back at the Adam of a few years ago and I cringe, dude. So arrogant, so prideful, so sure of myself as that paragon of faith and improving fitness. Yowza. I did not know what was to come.

Now, I’ve felt the sting of failures and I am bit more aware of the fact that I basically suck. No, not depressed — understanding that apart from faith and grace, what is Adam? I’ll tell you what he is —  a vapor. But with Christ, and via Christ, maybe something more.

And so it is with this journey, a battle between wanting to be disciplined and wanting to succeed while working to not be prideful. Life is complicated, dudes.

In the gym, the menu remains the same. Burn calories, work muscles, have fun. Outside of it, clawing toward more consistent nutrition.

Fight on.

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