Day 62 – Progress

I wear business casual dress to work everyday. I don’t mind that — looking nice is a good thing, I feel — but having to wear tucked-in collared shirts most of the week can be a bit uncomfortable for a heftier dude such as myself. I’ve never liked how I look (no, that’s not a shameless ploy for praise — it is what it is) and it’s amplified when I wear shirts tucked in.

So there I am, five days a week, wearing nice clothes that make me a tad uncomfortable. But, it also serves as a nice reminder that there is work to be done. I don’t like how a lot of my clothes fit — although, as some of you know, I complain whether a shirt is tight or loose — and that fuels me.

But today? Today, something was a bit looser, and that was nice. The redditors at R/Lose it call that a non-scale victory, and it counts. Hold on to those, my friends, and march on.

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