Day 63 – Mobility

I spent the morning helping my friends with cattle — ask anyone, I’m a natural wrangler — and then I moved to the Y, where my coach/friend/bringer of pain Pete helped me establish a new routine.

I’m not concerned with being cosmetically strong or looking badass in a tank top as I haphazardly toss weight around. Nah. I want to be healthier, which means carrying less weight and flat out just moving better. I am not mobile.

What does that mean? Well, yes I do move, but as Pete explained today, the body can do more than we as modern Americans sometimes believe. We’re desk creatures now, often stationary and often hunched over. That causes harm. We’re supposed to move and bend and lift and all that jazz. Maybe even dance.

Most of us work at desks now. That’s fine, I suppose, but the physical detriments of sitting are pretty clear.

So, I want to move better and enjoy the benefits. I want to have better form on my disc throws — because my ankles, elbows and shoulders will all be better at their jobs. For me this is exciting. Growth is on the horizon.

All one has to do is walk toward it.

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