Day 65 – The plan

The plan for this week is simple, and yet represents a new path for me in the gym. As you all read and as I continue to feel, my trainer/friend/instrument of pain Pete gave me a new program to dive into last Saturday.

And so, dive I shall.

Still planning on a healthy dose of cardio to ensure a nice base of calories burned, but there will be a lot more weightlifting exercises thrown in now, primarily to develop mobility and range of motion. The potential here is really neat, as I have plenty of room to grow and improve.

I like that the exercises are simple and quick, as I tend to get bored doing rote workouts over a long period. In a sense, I burn out my ability to endure on the treadmill, so I want the other stuff to be fun and explosive. And, you know, high on the calorie-burning scale.

Here’s to getting stronger, leaner, faster, tougher and more mobile!

Today’s menu included treadmill work, wall sits, squat therapy, one-arm shoulder press and rows. Always rows. Always.

Tomorrow? Volleyball.

Wednesday-Saturday will look a lot like Monday, but with some rotation and at least one instance of those delicious wall balls. 😀

If you are curious about how you can make changes, send me $500 send me a message on Facebook and I’ll be happy to share my limited knowledge.

But in general, just do the work.

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