Day 66 – A taste of wisdom

Every once in awhile, God or a close friend will help me realize what I lack spiritually. You all are quite aware of my issues with discipline – that’s nothing new. For me, I believe, that will be an ongoing battle for quite some time.

My recent and ongoing study of the Gospels – albeit a tad haphazardly accomplished now – was meant to, as a mentor put it, “add another arrow to my quiver.” I have enormous holes in my spiritual understanding, and the only way to fill those gaps is by simply doing the work.

And so there I was, on my lunch break, typing away at this and realizing the need to spend time in a different book. No, not a Pauline epistle, as I imagine you snickering. Something different. Something I’ve never studied before.

“The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren is a —

Just kidding.

“Your Best Life Now” by Joel Osteen has been on my radar –


I shall remain in the Word, but in a different book with a different purpose. It’s time to study the Book of Proverbs.

The wisest man of all time was Solomon, so says the Son of Man. That suggests, then, that as someone who is never even the wisest man in any room (seriously), I might have something to learn.

Solomon tells us he wrote these in great part to assist the young among him:
“ … to give prudence to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the youth – “

What a blessing to sit under his learning tree, all these millennia later.

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