Day 67 – Whoops

As an editor and programmer, I felt the pain in this story. Ultimately, most folks have no idea how precise and detailed the work behind-the-scenes of the Internet is. This stuff ain’t simple, folks, and seemingly “minor” errors can cost millions.

No human is perfect, though. Sigh. Companies like Amazon are too smart to not factor in these episodes, but I do wonder the risk we all face should an outage extend for more than a few hours. Not to silly applications like Facebook or YouTube — but to important things like hospital databases, etc. People smarter than me handle those tasks, though.

At the same time, information security is replete with stories of folks who should know better making careless mistakes. Before you smirk, remember that we all do that. How many times have you come close to rear-ending someone because you glanced at your phone?

Humans. Sigh.

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