Day 69 – Digging in

In Proverbs 3, the wonderful and wise Solomon writes this:

Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you;
    bind them around your neck;
    write them on the tablet of your heart.
So you will find favor and good success
    in the sight of God and man.

I find in myself a recurring theme that is disappointing on one hand, but ultimately unavoidable on the other. Unless I keep myself firmly planted in the Word, I will falter spiritually. Threats will appear, the walls will fall and my heart will be overrun. This is a war we can lose, and I’ve got the scars to prove it.

The same is true of any other pursuit in my life. I function best at a speed just below insanity. I need to be moving, always with something important to do. I need to work, I need to write, I need to train, I need to have time with family and friends. Take out any part of that, and the entire house collapses. My nutrition plummets and I get sad and unproductive and blah.

I need a structure. My most successful period of weight loss came a year ago, when I was working 33 hours a week across two jobs and juggling the hardest school semester of my life. In that time — 5 months — I got straight As, very nearly paid off my car, preached my first sermon and lost about 40 pounds.

Once that structure fell, so did I. I sense that returning now, and I find that exciting and intriguing. But, the bigger challenge is not allowing turmoil — of any kind — throw me so far off the path.

The winds will come. In order to achieve these things, standing firm is of high importance. And so I must bind a variety of things around my neck and write important things on my heart, just as Solomon said. That’s the way to not fall off, if the process and the pursuit are powerful enough to drive one forward.

May it be.

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