Day 73 – Elon freaking Musk

I want to tell you about the coolest dude in the world.

Yes. Even cooler than The Rock. But BARELY.

Elon Musk is the founder of a bunch of cool companies and currently runs Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX. All three are sweet companies doing fantastic and vital work. But more importantly, it’s so COOL.

Have you read about a Tesla? Go do it. And then make sure to stop drooling before someone comes around — it’s embarrassing. All joking aside, the cars are tremendous and are breaking new ground in an industry loathe to do so, generally speaking. Automaking had, in a sense, become an old boy’s club where no one pushed the envelope too hard.

Then Musk arrived.

Now, to be clear, I’m a massive Musk fanboy so you should take most of what I say here with a grain of salt. I’m not entirely rational about the guy. But I do see his work as important and instructive. He’s a visionary, able to see opportunities where others haven’t, and he’s willing to take on risk and thumb his nose at orthodoxy.

Consider: the kind of people who buy Teslas are generally rich (Teslas are luxury cars, for now anyway) or environmentally-conscious or both. Those ingredients do not typically a Donald Trump supporter make, and so consider the alarm and the hand-wringing when Musk agreed to be a part of an council sharing ideas with POTUS.

Did Musk care? No. He stood his ground and made clear he’s not a huge fan of the Donald, but saw this council as an opportunity to share ideas and help the country and world move into a better place. Hmm. That’s almost … uh … smart or something.

Also, there’s that word again. Opportunity.

What I also like about the man is stuff like this:

A girl wrote him a letter about marketing and stuff. She’s not a college student or something. She’s a kid. But the idea was good, and so lookie here.

Sure I’m a fanboy, but that’s just cool as heck.


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