Day 74 – Perks

There are some silent perks, if you will, to incorporating more weight lifting movements into my routine. Most of my weight loss success has come at the hands of extensive, challenging cardio routines. I can burn a lot of calories that way, and continue to do so. It can be rote, but I find a way to entertain myself (often by furiously chasing after a certain average speed or calorie number).

For me, it has worked.

Weight lifting is a bird of a different feather, because it doesn’t necessarily burn copious calories up front. It can, certainly, but the results come differently. I think of it this way, in my mostly unlearned mind. Weight lifting elevates my general calorie burn by increasing muscle mass in my body, thus boosting my metabolism. More muscle means more metabolism, which means more calories burnt simply by existing.

So no, I probably won’t burn nearly as many calories spending 15 minutes lifting, but that 15 minutes is a significant investment into my future health and metabolic strength. (Cardio will lift your metabolism too, but not as significantly. Generally speaking.)

As I’ve stated, I keep my lifting to a relative minimum, as it can bore me after awhile. So I do it hard, and fast, and I push myself. So far I can see results. I smile each time I feel soreness in my legs or upper body. That, my friends, is the sweet feeling of strength entering the body.

The idea of results, though takes us into a different topic. The results of weight lifting from a weight loss perspective are manifest in different ways than straight cardio. With straight cardio (and successful nutrition), I saw big drops on the scale and that was accompanied by looser clothing, etc. With what I am doing now (albeit, shall we say, questionable overall nutrition but high amounts of protein), I’m not seeing significant scale changes but clothes are fitting looser. It’s an interesting dynamic.

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