Day 75 – A correction

A wise man admits mistakes. A wise man also admits when his words might mean something other than he intended.

Unfortunately, I’m not wise, so I needed someone to explain this to me. For that I am thankful.

I love strutting through the Y, dripping with sweat, showing up all the folks there barely doing anything. Why show up and barely work? I guess it makes a great Instagram photo, right? Ugh.

Ugh. Adam … ugh.

So, I want to make something perfectly clear, because this is important to me. Every single person trying to make themselves healthier in the gym has my appreciation and kudos. In no way am I trying to act like a macho man, above the rest, a paragon of gym virtue.

No. I think what I wanted to say was this:

I am driven by a constant, mildly unhinged push to do better with my workouts (as I not so silently do not like my physical condition) all the time. If others are not as psychotic pushed to do so for whatever reason, you know what that makes them?

As human as I am. And hell, it’s possible that said person can consistently make sound nutritional choices (unlike your lovably tubby author), so who am I to strut?


I also motivate myself by trying to outdo those around me, but that desire is kept silent, constrained in my head. I shouldn’t flex (flabby and weak) or strut (fat and sweaty) and I don’t intimidate. I believe a rising tide lifts all boats, and so perhaps we all can help ourselves get better. For instance, as I do not run, I am motivated by those who can — someday I hope to get there too.

Bottom line: if you are in the gym (and not just taking selfies – ugh), you have my appreciation and you motivate me. Make no mistake — taking steps to better yourself automatically puts you ahead of a significant chunk of your peers.

Get after it.

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