Day 77 – Out on a limb

This is ridiculous. Click the link, the rest of the blog will wait.

I am an unabashed fan of anyone willing to present reasonable opinions, regardless of the political label they bear. I see reasonableness as a virtue in today’s unkempt world.

Unfortunately, the bar for my appreciation has dipped from “consistently intelligent” to “consistently not Milo or Van Jones,” but be that as it may. I like Colin Moriarty and I frequented Kinda Funny on YouTube exclusively for him and almost always for his political commentaries.

We don’t agree on everything and some of his arguments are flawed, but he’s intelligent, passionate and stands for some things that I also stand for. I could see myself having intelligent discussions with the man.

I suspect he was leaving Kinda Funny anyway, the site he co-founded with some other folks after leaving IGN. Moriarty has developed a brand beyond games journalism and has a voice that deserves its own unique platform. But for it to end like this is ridiculous.

Here is the tweet that set the blaze:

How sad have we become that a joke — a JOKE — set off a series of events that led to someone leaving a business he started with his friends? Look, some topics can be offensive and perhaps some lines should not be crossed. (I’m not sure I agree, but that’s a discussion for a different time. Your mileage may vary, and that’s OK.)

But this?

A cursory look at Moriarty’s history reveals he’s in no way sexist. This is stupid. If you are offended by this — and here I go, brace yourselves — you chose to be. Just like I’d choose to be offended if you mocked Christianity or called disc golf stupid or whatever.

Say whatever you want. If your opinion is intelligent, I’ll consider it. It turns out that people who wish to be wise are willing to change if the facts do.

For instance, a friend and I watched one of Bill Burr’s comedy specials a few weeks back. Burr made jokes about the faith I hold dear. Some jokes were genuinely funny, some poorly thoughtout and lame. Did I yell and scream? Did I threaten to boycott Burr’s work from now until the end of time? Did I start a hashtag and find others equally offended so we could all be offended together on the Internet?

No. I shrugged, if even that, and moved on.

What alarms me the most is this rush to be offended by everything. I’m genuinely baffled by it. How does one live a life where they actively seek the opportunity to be offended by comments made by people they do not know? Sure, if a close friend of mine mocks me in a hurtful way, yes that hurts. But that’s far different from being offended by what Donald Trump said or what Harry Reid said, and even more so by YouTubers or randoms on Twitter.

I assure you, all of us have bigger fish to fry in our own lives than that. Myself included, first and foremost.

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