Day 84 – Go Arnold

Read this.

Internet trolls are a dime a dozen now, so we won’t focus on that loser. If you don’t appreciate the power, dedication and grace shown by Special Olympics athletes, then be gone. I have no use with you.

Instead, focus on what Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says:

Right now, I guarantee you that these athletes have more courage, compassion, brains, skill — actually more of every positive human quality than you. So take their path — you could learn from them, and try to challenge yourself, to give back, to add something from the world.

Courage and compassion are qualities that separate humans from other humans. It takes courage to stand up for what is right and compassion to recognize it in the first place. As Christians especially, we should be abounding in both. Courage to share our Lord’s gospel and compassion toward others, because if nothing else, if nothing else, Christ was compassionate to us.

I have to be careful how I speak here. I have such little tolerance for the mocking of people with special needs that I can become quite caustic. Yes, even deplorable people deserve compassion, and so consider that Schwarzenegger doesn’t make this too personal. (The “sad, pitiful jealous troll” line notwithstanding.) I already called the guy a loser up above, so I’m committed now.

He instead offers this random Internet user some helpful advice:

Or you can stay on your path, and keep being a sad, pitiful, jealous internet troll who adds nothing to the world but mocks anyone who does out of small-minded jealousy.

Join the masses and troll on, or break from the crowd and be something different.

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