Day 86 – The plan

Squats and squats and squats and squats. I’m becoming a tad obsessed with developing the mobility and strength necessary in my legs and ankles to effectively squat. I’m not touching weight yet, either — this is strictly about mobility.

It’s a process, like everything else. Luckily, the lack of weight means I can do them all the time, and so I do. Sometimes before cardio and sometimes after, but darn near every single day I step in the gym, I’m working on this. I go in my side room and I sweat.

Granted, I’m still working on shoulders, chest and back. But legs have become a real focus of mine (simple calculus: bigger muscles in my legs means more calories burned) and will continue to be. It hurts, it often sucks and it ain’t glamorous, but it breeds success and builds character, because this is unsung work. Powering through squats ain’t fun. It ain’t Insta-worthy. It’s just hard work that pays off.

No value in skipping leg day, homies.

Plenty of cardio, plenty of legs. A dash of shoulder press, a handful of pushups.

And then more legs.

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