Day 89 – Elon vs A.I.

There are days where I step in front of this keyboard and coherent thoughts spill out. I like those days, and I share as many of them as I can with you.

This is not one of those days. I’m tired (but feeling accomplished!) and simply have other tasks I need to accomplish first. So, like I’ve done before, I leave you in someone else’s hands.

This is a long but fascinating article from Vanity Fair on Elon Musk (seriously, one of my heroes) and his quest against A.I. Musk is a brilliant thinker, a gambler and a visionary, and his thoughts on the potential harm wrought by artificial intelligence are fascinating. What makes it even more fascinating is how many brilliant folks disagree with him.

There seems to be an exchange of ideas going on amongst the heavy hitters of the tech sector right now. How it plays out, God only knows.

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