Day 94 – Under Churchill’s tree

Winston Churchill was an absolutely brilliant, challenging man. As you darn well should know, Churchill helped steer England through the terror of World War II, proving to be precisely the iron-willed leader the nation needed to survive such a hellish conflict.

Churchill saw no need in retreat, no victory in turning away in from a righteous fight. Churchill has some modern detractors, and he was by no means a perfect man, but with your back to the wall? With the chips down? With time running out? He’s a hell of a guide.

Now, I’m not in such a situation, and so I am not presenting to you a quote in that realm. Instead, I want to present you this:

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

There are times to not change. I don’t plan on changing my faith, for example. But, after much study and prayer, could I change what I believe about my faith (a particular doctrine, perhaps)? Of course. There is value in improving your knowledge and being wise enough to change a stance.

The key, perhaps, is understanding what to change, when and why. For example, if we think of life as a race — the Apostle Paul gives us such an illustration — we come to realize how the strategy changes. You likely will not run at a static pace — you dip down, speed up, etc.

Life is that way too. We have to change course because — analogy change! — the chess board changes, too, and so we cannot continue to play with pieces removed from the game. We can’t pretend like the rook is in play when it isn’t.

That’s part of growth. Priorities throughout life change, and with them our goals. Mine today do not equate with those of a year ago. I’m stronger, smarter, leaner and overall closer to God than I was.

And in a year, I darn well better be saying the same thing.


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