Day 101 – Nine Weeks with Dave Ramsey

On top of everything else, I want my financial house to be in order too.

I had the chance to take Financial Peace University, the Dave Ramsey class, at my church over the past nine weeks. Ramsey’s stuff is pretty straight-forward, but also helpful and forceful enough to grab my attention. I don’t know if everything he advises is wise or practical, but his intensity about debt is valuable for nearly everyone in today’s society. Debt is horrible — and we have generally become accustomed to it now.

More than anything, his focus on tracking your money and being determined about where it goes grabbed me. Simply put — I didn’t control my money very well, and that meant someone else did. Like with fitness or faith or work, it was time to grab control.

We’ll see how this goes over time, but I’m optimistic I should be debtfree (thanks, Wright State!) and in a solid place before my birthday. I have a plan — now I just need discipline.

In Ramseyspeak, I’m on baby step 2. That should wrap up by October, and from there I’ll start taking bigger steps.

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