Day 102 – Good Easter advice


The Babylon Bee delivers again, offering incredibly helpful advice for planning your massive Easter service. The last thing you want to do is preach Christ and Him crucified. The divinely-selected Apostle Paul was old-fashioned — he’d never get a full-time pastoral gig at a megachurch today.

Seriously, Paul was so unpopular he routinely got the stuffing beat out of him by his audience. How the heck do you con them out of a jet get them to support your ministry that way? No, Paul missed the true importance of Easter — the chance to lure people into your burgeoning youth choir program!

I encourage you to move your mind away from the antiquated notion of celebrating the amazing resurrection of our Savior and instead focus on how you can make secular folk feel comfortable as they spend a disinterested 90 minutes in God’s House. And seriously, for the love of outreach programs, do not bring up the cross.

The last thing we’d want to do is follow the example of the Apostles, Church fathers, pivotal Christian leaders and the general attitude of the church for the last 2,000 years.

Nah — much better to act like this guy.

(Seriously — click the link.)

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