Day 107 – The plan

Squat update: Ankle mobility continues to improve with each week, a sign I find promising and encouraging. I tend to need those signposts to continue hiking down the path. I’m not breaking parallel yet, but that will come. I’m better off than a month ago.

Better, focused cardio remains on the agenda too, in order to ensure enough of a caloric deficit. To be honest, trying to shed weight and build muscle is not easy, but that overstates my goal. I’m trying to shed weight and add mobility — a task well within reason.

I could go on and on, but the general idea is the same as before. When this blog reads “Day 200” or “Day 300”, a lot could be different. Better. Stronger. Faster.

If I corral my calories better — damn you, donuts at work — the process will speed up. Today was my best overall day in months, and the kind of day I need as consistently as possible.

I’m trying to embody this in my fitness and nutritional pursuits. Listen to Rock:

Image result for the rock do the work

Do the work.

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