Day 111 – Finish

Yeah, ran out of time yesterday. Don’t kill me.

I’m nearing the finish line with school, a sentence that seems at once unbelievable and on the other hand entirely too late. I am simply unable to care a single iota about education at this point, as it has become a burden and hardly a worthy exercise. I gain very little from it at this point, especially as my career expands and I learn boatloads more from that experience.

It isn’t that school is devoid of value. Not at all – rather, at this point, it has served its purpose for me. I do not care about another associates – I care about the connections and job opportunities the new skills provide. That has happened, and as such, school just doesn’t hold practical value for me.

So, in this instance, unlike with work, faith, fitness or finances, I am OK limping to the finish. Those areas of my life offer a far greater return on investment than school. It ends up being rudimentary math, to be frank. I’m fine with simply graduating and moving on.

There are bigger fish to fry now.

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