Day 113 – In the house of the Lord

Today, it was good to be in the house of the Lord. It always is. I’ve found more and more that I enjoy being in no place more than God’s House, surrounded by God’s people. We can be singing hymns, studying the Word or messing around with ping pong. Doesn’t matter – my heart is happiest in the church.

I’ve been attending mine for just over four years now, and it has been a beautiful experience. I’m an outsider – not of the major family stocks that run through the church’s history. And yet, I’ve been welcomed and encouraged from day one, and in a multitude of ways. Straight up: I entered this church with barely any knowledge and a weak, fledgling faith. I needed them.

From joining bible studies, to leading those studies (at a point where I was overmatched and unfortunately, too cocky to realize) and most recently, with lay preaching, I’ve encountered nothing but love and encouragement. It’s astounding. I ain’t nothing special, man.

The unity in a church … the bonds … the community … I am so thankful and amazed by it. So this is what it’s like, eh?

No place I’d rather be.


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