Day 114 – Build

Today was overall a good day.

Why? Because I pushed myself all day long. I survived pizza lunch (our company honored its late, former owner with a pizza lunch — I ‘survived’ by not eating all of it) and plucked away at various tasks, learning new stuff along the way. Check.

I then went to the gym and had the best squat day of my entire life, thanks in great part to a recent coaching session from Pete. I’m pretty stoked, you guys — the mobility work is paying off. I’m darn near breaking parallel and doing it with hardly any pain. Yes, there is plenty of discomfort, but that’s not a hindrance. Pain != discomfort.

I’m fascinated by the moving parts of that exercise, how each part of your body plays a role in doing it effectively. I’m not all the way there yet — heck I’m not even close. But today’s Adam beats the tar out of March 7’s Adam. Check.

Then, I spent some time in God’s Word. And now I’m writing to y’all. Check and check.

Let’s do it again tomorrow.

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