Day 116 – TED talk

I don’t have much to offer or say today — it’s been busy, productive, thought-provoking and challenging. It was a good day, but I don’t have a lot on my mind to share at this moment. You can rest assured (and have enough history with me, by now) to realize that isn’t always the case.

So I want to leave you in someone else’s hands. He’s sorta famous, controversial (and worst of all to Protestants)  … Catholic.

Pope Francis gave a TED talk, which I find all kinds of interesting and noteworthy. I have not had a chance to study what he said, but I’m sure there are good and bad points. You should listen if for no other reason than to have your borders challenged a bit, if you will. Such activity can be healthy.

(Note: You’ll be reading subtitles.)

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