Day 117 – Time under tension

I learned an interesting concept last week during my training session with Pete. The idea when weightlifting is to maximize (and therefore increase) your time under tension, which would be, for example, the amount of time you have the weight off the rack for bench press. Or, the descent, pause and climb during a squat. You get the idea. The more time your muscles are being worked, the more you have to achieve.

I’ve been focusing on that the last two times I’ve been in the gym, and I can tell a difference. I tend to go very fast — perhaps I think I’m on fire? — and that minimizes the #gainz I could be achieving.

It’s simple, really. Just go nice and slow. Why? You maximize that time under tension.

In particular, the difference was felt with rows. I adore rows. They are my favorite. The Y allows me the opportunity to do hanging, bodyweight TRX rows, which are awesome (and by awesome, I mean totally sweet). I hit them twice a week anyway, but tonight I went slow and steady … and goodness I can feel it already.

I followed my squats (the time under tension thing made my ankles and calves wake up, that’s for sure) and rows with 35 minutes of hard cardio and finished the day with a few sets of what I like to call a #brosesh. What’s a #brosesh? Bis and Tri’s, homie. Bri’s and Tri’s.

Let’s do something similar tomorrow.

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