Day 120 – Love your enemies

We talked last week in Sunday School about what it means, in a practical sense, to love your neighbor and your enemy. Sure, it’s a great teaching and a defining characteristic of Christians. We all know it, have studied it and have been taught it. We usually understand the concept.

But how do we do it? Like … now. How do I love my enemies right now? What actions does that require and what effect can it have, not only on our foes but on us?

I sat on that thought for a few days, even discussed it with a few people. Then I came upon this story, and God showed me what it means in stark, practical terms.

Love your enemies.

History seems to reveal that when Christians respond this way, the Gospel is magnified in such stark ways that Christ cannot be ignored. The world would prefer to just ignore the Gospel, if at all possible, and not be confronted with the realities it presents. Ignorance is bliss.

But forgiveness on such a massive scale grabs the heart and demands attention. I thank God for what He has done in our brothers in Egypt. They have indeed revealed their Christ to the world. Tragedy befell them, and their response was not to pick up swords, but rather offer up forgiveness.

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