Day 129 – Time with Elon Musk

As you all know, I admire Elon Musk tremendously. Musk, the current head of Tesla and SpaceX, is a fascinating personality, a man breaking boundaries and trying stuff. It doesn’t always work, but that isn’t the point. The world moves forward because people like Musk (note: not just the wealthy, but all of us) push it forward. We will stay at rest if possible, remember.

My appreciation for Musk isn’t in his wealth or lifestyle choices. I don’t want to be the man  — but I do want a taste of that drive and vision. I want to tap into that, but apply it to my own pursuits. I don’t have it yet, but I figure listening to those who do is a place to start.

Anyway, Musk gave a TED talk recently to discuss his newest ventures and generally just be Elon Musk:


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