Day 130 – A solid investment

As I was preparing for the sermon on Sunday, I found these videos explaining the intent and message of several Biblical books. I am not endorsing them entirely or suggesting all of the doctrine is sound, but it was interesting and helped me develop a better view of 1 Corinthians. Perhaps it will for you as well.

This next little resource I will endorse, however. If you don’t know who John Chrysostom is, you should do some digging. In short, he’s a Church Father and thought of incredibly highly, and he wrote a bunch of commentaries on the Bible. Chrysostom is considered Eastern Orthodox (not sure what exactly he considered himself, as those sorts of divisions weren’t quite as apparent then), so what he says might challenge you, but the dude knew his stuff.

Among extra-Biblical (note: that doesn’t mean wrong, it just means not in the Bible — as opposed to non-Biblical, which means not in the Bible and wrong) writers, few are held up as highly as Chrysostom. (Maybe Augustine? Not many.)

This is worth your investment.

His work on 1 Corinthians  shouldn’t be missed. Learning from the Church Fathers is the kind of thing Christians did for thousands of years. We shouldn’t skip that step.

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