Day 131 – Laser focus

I’m beginning to see opportunities within myself that I didn’t before. Problem is, I can so easily break, so easily get off track, in great part because my mind flutters around and I rarely focus well for long periods. I like to go on autopilot, which sometimes is OK (but sometimes not). It’s easy to do so on the treadmill — less so with more cognitive activities.

As I mentioned to a friend today, I’m working on focusing more. Focusing on what, you ask? Well, anything. Work, the Word, fitness, this blog, etc. I want to develop that intensity in all walks of life. I think it will serve me well. It’ll also be difficult as heck. Getting better at having laser focus is on the agenda now.

Modern life is one large, blinking distraction. Learning to tune that out isn’t easy, but I sense it might be mandatory for true achievement today. That’s simply the hand we’ve dealt ourselves.

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