Day 148 – Motivational tunes

I’ve written before about songs that motivate me in the gym. The biggie remains the thumping, epic “Atlas, Rise!” by Metallica, but it’s not alone.

An oldie but goodie for me has long been “The Fire” by The Roots featuring John Legend. Check it:

It’s gotta have a groove, and the lyrics need to be aggressive and uplifting. I don’t work out to gentle piano tunes or soft acoustic grooves. I work out to music that gets the blood pumping.

It’s the fire. Inside you. Let it burn.

That line is awesome, it gets me rolling every time I hear it. I thrive on music in the gym, on the energy it can provide. I enter my own little nutty world, where I make faces and fight against myself to be stronger. The music beats along with my heart, pushing me further.

Let it burn.

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