Day 150 – Wide berth

You know what’s exciting? Doing a lot of different stuff.

I’m blessed right now to have plenty going on, and for me that’s roughly necessary to keep me out of trouble. Yes, that means the blog isn’t the hyper-priority at all times, but it also means my life is fuller than perhaps it ever has been before. That’s cool to me.

I’m learning a lot about IT, faith, life and more. Those lessons are paying dividends, even if the lessons are repeats. (It happens.)

Hence the title of this post. My life skillset is expanding, and that’s neat. It’s also terrifying and oddly painful, but I suppose that’s par for the course. The toughest and most valuable skill to learn — heh … toughest and most valuable, all in one — is simply learning how to learn. How do I encounter a new challenge, assess it and then take it down?

I’ll let you know. 😀

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