Day 153 – Music music music

I’ve taken to playing music all day in my office at work. I can’t stand silence. It drives me mad, distracts me and puts me off. So, I’ve got tunes on all day.

The rotation has lately involved a lot of Chris Cornell stuff (naturally), some Pearl Jam, a dose of Foo Fighters, a sprinkling of Bruno Mars (I know? Weird. Yeah.) and then a couple of Spotify playlists aimed at productivity, in particular “Peaceful Guitar.” It’s really great.

Music has become such a big part of my life. I don’t know what I’d without it. Music moves me, motivates me, pushes me to think, brings tears to my eyes and joy throughout my heart. I love it.

What a wonderful gift a great song can be. How it can work wonders in our lives.

Turn it up.


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