Day 155 – Best round of my life

It’s nice to see the fruits of one’s labor. Tonight, I saw it.

I love disc golf. I’ve played for years, mostly with my uncle. We’re at times horrible with flashes of mediocrity, but who cares? It’s a blast, and it’s in God’s wonderful nature. It’s a great time.

But like I said — I’m mostly horrible. However, as my fitness level has improved so has my game, as the length of my shots stretches out and my endurance improves. The Adam of today smokes the Adam of 3 years ago, no question.

Tonight, I shot the best round of my life, in great part because I’m stronger and more agile than ever before, even if I’m not as light as I once was. That’s been a unique mental conundrum for me — I tend to be scale obsessed. But I can feel the extra power (and how easy it is coming) and especially the more fluid movement.

Lifting more can be tough, as the results just come differently than my treadmill-obsessed run last year. It’s not the same process.

Tonight, though? I can be pleased with progress.

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