Day 158 – SQL!

Structured Query Language.

Do you know it? Some of you will, I’m sure. Most of you won’t. That’s fine.

I work with it nearly everyday in my job, primarily pulling reports or finding lists of people. SQL is used in databases — read: where your information is stored — to retrieve and manipulate data. The syntax is simple — it sort of reads like English — and it can be fairly powerful in the right situation.

I find databases interesting simply because every single application in the world uses one, so it provides a skillset that applies everywhere. Now, you can get into the weeds about what kind of database or which database language, yadda yadda yadda. It all effectively works the same (sort of) because the general theories apply all over (basically).

It’s fun learning about stuff you actually enjoy doing. I’m not sure what discipline of IT I’ll want to be in for years to come, but it’s an experience figuring that out.

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