Day 161 – Inadequacy

The mind can be a terrible place.

Deep inside all of us, be it you, me, President Trump, The Rock or anyone else, lingers a dangerous and deceitful thought. This notion is not complex, but it’s cunning, waiting for the right moment to strike, emboldened by the Devil and unleashed by sin.

That thought is simply this: you aren’t good enough.

You aren’t smart enough. You aren’t fast enough. If you’re a girl, you aren’t thin enough. You aren’t pretty enough. You don’t dress well enough. And as a result, of course — no guy will ever pursue you.

If you’re a mother, you probably stink at that too.

For guys, you aren’t handsome enough. You aren’t strong enough. You don’t know how to dress either, and so guess what? No girl will ever be interested in you.

If you’re a dad, you probably suck at that.

These thoughts are a mighty foe, prevalent all the time, working to undermine what God has provided for you. This doesn’t even consider the nasty threat of comparison, which only enhances these feelings of inadequacy.

There’s a couple things to consider here. For one, we are all different, and so of course at times someone will be taller, faster, prettier or whatever. That’s unavoidable, and to be honest, it’s for the best. The answer isn’t, of course, to normalize everyone but to realize that those same differences apply to everyone. I’m not as good at basketball as LeBron James, but I bet he totally sucks at SQL.

I don’t want this to sound like a half-baked self-help book, but self-confidence is a thing. We should have it, especially if we’re striving to be productive people. If we are growing, then there’s nothing legitimate to feel down about. That said, as humans, we’ll find a way to batter ourselves down.

What to do, then? Well, pray. But also, we should strive to encourage one another and to exist in a community (ideally, the church) were we do not focus on trite things like appearance. The Apostle Paul ordered — yes, those were orders — his churches to continually encourage one another for good reason. We need it.

We need to be told we’re doing a good job, that we’re good enough. We need to be reminded that we are loved by a God who exudes compassion.

I promise you … you are good enough.


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