Day 164 – Recharge

I wish I had it in me to grind every single day, and perhaps in someways I do, but not physically. As I learn more and more at my job, I simply don’t always have the will power left to push through a tough workout too. It’s cool that I can do more, but frustrating that I can’t always do it all.

But rest has its place — always. And so I do, while catching up on other important tasks and refilling the tank. I heard NBA legend Steve Nash discuss sleep in that way — one can refill the tank by catching naps or going to bed earlier. You can regain what was lost, in a sense.

So, that’s my plan. Not everyday can be spent in the gym, but everyday should be productive. Today, I was. (I think.)

Plus, I burned the candle hard last night, so letting my legs recover is a solid idea. When everything is aching, let it heal.

Then do it again! 🙂

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