Day 165 – New rock, happy Adam

Modern rock isn’t in a great place.

It’s place in radio has gone away, replaced by endless pop, most of which sucks. Hence why I spend so much time listening to the classics — modern rock music stinks. (Most of it anyway.)

But then, just as you sense the darkness creeping in, as all hope fades and you begin to accept a new, tragic reality … a light.

Royal Blood.

A two-member outfit from England, these dudes don’t sound like anyone I’ve ever heard and I love it. Notice what the singer is holding — that’s a bass guitar. There is no six-string to be found, so that interesting riffing comes from a bunch of distortions and amplifier tricks.

It’s distinct as heck, giving them a deep sound that mixes well with his vocals. I found them from an awesome Spotify playlist called “Dirty Rock”, and I doubt I can craft a better name for their sound than that.

New album drops this week, too. My Spotify is ready.

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