Day 167 – In progress

So, as it turns out, writing decent works of fiction takes time. So again, I beg of you patience as I slowly churn out another short story. It’s a different tone — far different — and a bit more robust than Monday’s work. Plus, I’ve got a sermon and Sunday School lesson to write, so my typing hands are a tad busy.

Plus the rest of life. Sigh. It’s tiring doing this adult stuff …

In the meantime, I shall leave you in someone else’s hands. Lee Jenkins, the terrific Sports Illustrated writer, penned a profile on Kevin Durant and the Warriors. If you’re into sports, you should read it.

(My two cents: good on Durant. I don’t understand why we must view sports as beyond the typical career. He left a mildly successful company for a more successful company. Why is this such a thing? If a software developer leaves Oklahoma City Tech  (or whatever) to join Tesla or Microsoft (or whatever), people would applaud. But a basketball player does the same — without the disrespect of how LeBron James left Cleveland in 2010 — and it’s this affront? I just can’t go there.)

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