Day 171 – Developer horror story

First, watch MPJ:

Developing is an endless cycle of confusion, panic, crippling self-doubt followed immediately (and shockingly!) by success. And so, even with my limited experience, I find what MPJ says here encouraging and also challenging.

We will make mistakes. We will probably repeat some mistakes, even if our stated goal is to not do so. But the key is to learn and grow past such pitfalls, while accepting that new pitfalls lurk around the corner. Web and software development is simply too challenging to not accept that failure happens — at least for me. Otherwise, the actual process of production wouldn’t move forward.

And so, we should share our mistakes — I screwed up a table in one of our production databases at work in April. It was quickly restored, no harm, no foul. But I remember it. It was a pseudo-badge of honor. My colleague laughed.

It happens.

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