Day 173 – A nice break

I’m not a big-time gamer.

I play PS4 periodically, usually a sports game, but I’m not obsessed with it. For me, playing a game is a nice break, a solid diversion from the grind of work, training and church (not that church is in the same category, but I tend to be working at church a lot). So when I turn on that console, it’s to break away from life.

Is it always effective? No. Sometimes, a quick casual round of disc golf can be better, allowing me to drift away, deep into the podcast I’m hearing and the round I’m playing (while moving — that’s often beneficial).

Those moments are wonderful. I treasure them.

For some, a great book offers that. Maybe a binge-worthy TV show. A really good Marvel movie has that effect on me, too. Or spending time with a close friend over coffee, even. Lots of stuff. In a lot of ways, worship on Sunday is that too.

I have come to enjoy the grind of life more than before, but man those moments of relaxation are just awesome. Sort of like how a great foam rolling pain/pleasure/torture/ecstasy session releases so much built up angst in your body after a hard workout.

There’s something magical about that release.

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